The British Jack Russell Terrier Club

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Welcome at the Website of the British Jack Russell Terrier Club, the club dedicated in the fight against various Terrier Breeds being introduced into the bloodlines of the genuine Jack Russell.

The British Jack Russell Terrier Club was formed in 1992 by Jack Russell enthusiasts’ in the South and West of England, who were alarmed by the cross breeding which seemed to becoming popular in other parts of the country. The Clubs aim has always been to preserve The “PURE JACK RUSSELL” in its original form, so that it’s unique working qualities, intelligence and temperament are preserved for future generations. With a wealth of experience behind us, the committee is confident that the “REAL BREED” is still safe in our hands. Anyone who owns a terrier is welcome to join our club, and through our judges, learn what the Real Jack Russell should look like, why it is kept that way, and why we as caretakers of this wonderful working breed are so against the crossing of other terrier breeds into it, which has been proven time and again to be detrimental to it’s working qualities. We believe it is a breed worth preserving so if you are interested then show your support.

Eddie Chapman. Chairman
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